Order just the gene you need, no compromise, lower minimum clonal gene limit, four new expression vectors!

Twist release notes header

1. No minimum limit for ordering fragments - We are happy to announce that we have removed the order minimum for Genes Fragments (uncloned genes). You can now order a single gene!

2. Clonal genes limit lowered to 5 to all users - The minimum limit for Clonal genes on eCommerce is now 5 genes. 

3. Four new expression vectors - We are expanding our choice of mammalian expression vectors by adding 4 new vectors for stable and transient high-level expression of your Clonal Genes. The new vectors’ features include:

  • New selection markers: G418/Geniticin, hygromycin, and puromycin resistance
  • Combined ß-Globin intron and WPRE for enhanced expression
  • OriP for replication for increased transient expression in HEK293-EBNA cells
Four new vectors