UX Research Program Terms & Conditions

Your participation in this program is voluntary. Any idea, proposal, suggestion or other material that you provide to us regarding changes, improvements, enhancements or other features or aspects of the program and content (“Feedback”) becomes our property. You hereby assign and agree to assign all rights, title and interest you have in any such Feedback to Twist. Your Feedback is provided without compensation or restriction, and we are not under any obligation to use the Feedback. Parts of the program may involve audio or video recording. We may collect passive information in our log-files and through the use of cookies and other tracking technologies. You agree that Twist may record and use this content freely. You will be notified ahead of time if your particular session is an audio or video recorded session so you can decide to participate or withdraw. The content you may experience is considered Twist confidential and proprietary information and you agree that you will not share it publicly or with any third party.