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prepIT®•Q2A: Streamlined processing of Oragene®•Dx saliva samples for whole exome sequencing

The drive towards personalized medicine, pharmacogenomic testing and growth in the direct-to-consumer market has increased the number of genomic samples collected and analyzed year over year. The non-invasive, easy self-collection of DNA from saliva, using Oragene®•Dx collection kits, increases access to donors and contributes to this growth. As such, genomic laboratories are challenged to process more samples, more efficiently. Routine handling, such as DNA extraction, quantification and normalization, adds considerable time and cost to laboratory workflows, often limiting the number of samples that can be processed in a single
day. In collaboration, DNA Genotek and Twist Bioscience demonstrate a high quality target enrichment solution using a streamlined workflow, going from saliva sample to sequencer in under 8 hours.