Twist Bioscience Public Statement

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SAN FRANCISCO, February 4, 2016 —Twist Bioscience, a company accelerating science and innovation through rapid, high-quality DNA synthesis founded by Bill Banyai, Ph.D., Emily Leproust, Ph.D. and Bill Peck, Ph.D. approximately three years ago, today issued the following statement:
On February 3, 2016, Agilent Technologies filed a complaint against Twist Bioscience and one of its founders, Emily Leproust, Ph.D. Agilent’s claims are baseless and without merit, and Twist Bioscience intends to defend itself vigorously against them. Typical of much larger, less innovative companies, Agilent’s actions reveal an obvious attempt to stifle competition.
Twist Bioscience believes that the marketplace is the best place to determine winners and losers.