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Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC)

January 23 - 25, Computer History Museum, Silicon Valley, California

PMWC is the premier forum for the personalized medicine field, hosting worldwide thought leaders spanning research, biotech, pharma, venture capital, government, and healthcare sectors. Don’t miss Twist Bioscience CEO, Emily Leproust’s thoughts on “Rewriting DNA Synthesis” during her presentation on Monday, January 23rd.

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“Delivering Impact” – Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Center (IBioIC)

January 26 - 27, Glasgow, Scotland

Find us at IBioIC’s third annual conference, which promises to be an in depth exploration of local and global developments in industrial biotechnology. Stop by our booth to find out how Twist Bioscience’s silicon-based DNA Synthesis platform can benefit the industrial biotech industry and your own work!

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Festival of Genomics London

January 31 - 1, ExCeL London, United Kingdom

Twist Bioscience is a founding partner at Festival of Genomics – an exceptional showcase of the genome’s importance in diagnostics from industrial and academic thought leaders. Key themes at this year’s festival include Integrating Data, Empowering Healthcare and Discovering CRISPR. Visit us in the exhibition hall to learn how our innovative DNA writing platform is accelerating discovery.

Upcoming Events

February 2017

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Twist Bioscience Oligofest UK

February 2, 6:00 p.m. - The Cambridge Brew House

Come celebrate Oligofest with Twist Bioscience for an evening of networking and great beer, and learn about how our silicon-based DNA synthesis platform can answer questions you've not yet begun to ask.

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