Why settle for only one technology when you can leverage them all?

Twist Gold Standard

What is a Gold Standard Workflow?

Twist’s Gold Standard workflow brings together the full scope of capabilities from two industry titans, Abveris and Twist Biopharma. Our Gold Standard workflow leverages at least two parallel paths—in vivo and in vitro—or a combination approach (i.e., immune libraries), and leverages in silico methods to bolster the outputs from each path.

In Vivo

1. Single B Cell

In vivo antibody discovery in weeks instead of months powered by the Beacon® Optofluidic System by Berkeley Lights. Advance only antibodies with ideal characteristics by deep screening on Day 1!

2. Hybridoma

Twist's hybridoma engine is powered by our proprietary DiversimAb hyperimmune mouse technology and a high-throughput advanced screening cascade that puts more hybridoma clones in your hands than any other offering.

In Vitro

3. Immune Libraries

Combine the powers of immunization with the customizability of phage display panning. Supercharge your immune libraries using the unrivaled Twist library-building technology and in-house phage display experts. Or, we can build and deliver immune libraries to you.

4. Fully-Human Naïve Libraries

Our fully human naive libraries synthetically mimic the human in vivo antibody repertoire, providing optimal diversity for antibody development against any target. This includes the Hyperimmune Fab, Hyperimmune scFv, Hyperimmune Common Light Chain Fab, and VHH Shuffle Hyperimmune libraries.

Why a Gold Standard Workflow?

Antibody discovery is not a one-size fits all approach and shouldn’t be treated as such. Despite what others may say, every platform has its own inherent limitations and potential risks.

By leveraging multiple pathways simultaneously, our Gold Standard workflow can de-risk campaigns and maximize the chances of identifying desired therapeutic lead candidates. This unrivaled discovery service gives our partners a potentially faster, safer, and more cost-effective path to the clinic.

Key Benefits

Mitigate Risk 

Avoid the risk of failure associated with using just one technology.


Gain access to all of the industry’s best technologies under one roof for discovery, expression, characterization, and optimization.

Don’t Compromise

With access to industry-leading in vivo, in vitro, and in silico platforms, you don’t need to compromise.


We value our partners and stand by our work. If we don’t find antibodies specific to your target of interest, we will perform an additional round of discovery for FREE.

Get It Right the First Time

Backed by 10+ years of experience, our team of antibody experts, will work with you every step of the way to guarantee delivery of sequences and/or purified, fully validated, development-ready drug candidates tailored to your
​​​​​​​specific program needs. 

Choose what discovery platform you would like to explore or work with our antibody enthusiasts to
help decide. 

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