Site Saturation Libraries


No more missing protein engineering or antibody development targets. Our Site Saturation Libraries offer:

  • Precision and diversity of carefully designed DNA sequences without compromising turnaround time or cost

  • NGS verification, giving you the confidence that your product is exactly how you designed it

  • Faster screening results, hitting your targets and moving project to the next phase quickly and cost-effectively

What customers are saying

“The statistical analysis on DNA level using massive sequencing demonstrates that in the synthetic approach, 97% of the theoretically possible DNA mutants were formed, while the traditional SM library contained only about 50%.”

Reetz MT; Li A; Acevedo-Rocha CG; Sun Z; Cox T; Xu JL. Beating Bias in Directed Evolution of Proteins: Combining High- Fidelity On-Chip Solid-Phase Gene Synthesis with Efficient Gene Assembly for Combinatorial Library Construction. ChemBioChem 10.1002/cbic.201700540.


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