Twist Bioscience Responds to Agilent's Latest Baseless Complaint

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Agilent’s wholesale shift in its allegations, two and a half years into its suit, reveals only the weakness of its claims. Agilent’s most recent allegations are gamesmanship, not substance.  They omit that more than four months before it sought to change its complaint, Twist informed – and provided to Agilent – the irrelevant, passively retained documents referenced by Agilent in its proposed amendment.  Discovery also afforded Agilent access to thousands of Twist’s technical documents, yet they have been unable to tie any Agilent document or information to Twist’s game-changing silicon technology.  The fact remains that no Agilent information was used in or affected any aspect of Twist’s independently-developed technology

Twist, meanwhile, continues to experience significant success in the market based on its independently developed silicon-based DNA synthesis and gene assembly technologies, introducing new products, shipping record numbers of genes, creating new collaborations and raising substantial funding. 

Twist is confident that Agilent’s amended claims, like those preceding them, have no basis in fact or law.  We look forward to filing our response to these allegations to set the record straight.