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Gene synthesis is at the core of synthetic biology but its potential is limited by cost, turn-around time and throughput. Synthesis on silicon enables amplification-free production of sequence-perfect genes with quick turn-around times, at industry-leading prices.

Your Sequence,<br />Your Way

Your Sequence,
Your Way

Industry Leading Price & Rapid Turnaround Time

Industry Leading Price & Rapid Turnaround Time

Accelerate Discovery

Accelerate Discovery

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300 bp - 1.8 kb Genes, longer coming soon!

Clonal Perfect Genes
Cloned genes in your vector or
Twist’s catalog vector, up to 1μg
Gene Fragments
Non-clonal dsDNA, 200 ng

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Innovation is in Our Genes

Ours is the first silicon-based DNA writing platform. This 9,600 well chip enables highly uniform synthesis of over a million oligonucleotides with extremely low error rates. By vertically integrating the gene synthesis process and miniaturizing reaction volumes by a factor of 1000, scalability and throughput is greatly increased, price per base and turn-around times are significantly reduced.

Innovation is in Our Genes

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