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CRISPR systems are RNA-guided, site-specific genome editing technologies that scale from a single locus to whole genomes. Oligo pools, which are high diversity collections of oligonucleotides, are utilized to generate CRISPR guide RNA (sgRNA) libraries for cloning into expression vectors. Accuracy and uniformity of oligo synthesis are critical to ensure specificity of targeting and oligo representation.

Library Designs<br>Made Easy

Library Designs
Made Easy

design services

Precision Editing<br>of Target Loci

Precision Editing
of Target Loci

Highly accurate synthesis
for specific targeting

Maximized CRISPR<br>Screening Efficiency

Maximized CRISPR
Screening Efficiency

Highly uniform synthesis
ensures oligo representation

Product Resources

Oligo Pools Data Sheet

More information on the quality of our oligo pools

CRISPR Webinar

Designing and building custom CRISPR screening libraries

CRISPR Screening Poster

Learn how to use our oligo pools in CRISPR workflows

DNA Resuspension Guidelines

Recommendations for handling and storing our products


Oligo Pools for CRISPR Library Generation

Unamplified Oligo Pools
  • Up to 150nt sequences
  • Pool sizes from 2,000 to >1 million sequences
  • >0.25 fmol per oligo

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Think Big, Screen Once

Twist Bioscience’s innovative silicon-based DNA writing technology is transforming DNA synthesis. Our 9,600-well oligonucleotide synthesis platform enables massively parallel production of over 1 million high quality and accuracy oligos per run, allowing generation of complex and diverse CRISPR screening sgRNA libraries for precision gene editing and maximized screening efficiency.


Partnership with Desktop Genetics

Highly specific CRISPR screens begin with good library designs and high quality oligo pools. Desktop Genetics is a bioinformatics company specializing in CRISPR library design whose proprietary design algorithms incorporate multiple customizable parameters to determine the best sequences for high performance CRISPR libraries.

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Integrated custom gRNA library design and oligo pool synthesis services for gene editing research

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