All the News That's Fit to Twist: Referral Program, Live Blanket PO Updates, Codon Optimization Additions

Things are moving and shaking at Twist Bioscience, and we want you to stay up to date. Here are the headlines:

  • Amino Acid Support: The long anticipated feature for intaking protein sequences is out! We can now support reverse translation for most common organisms, such as Escherichia coli, Homo sapiens, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. With this advanced feature, you can to get to your synthesized DNA one step faster! You can now pick which type of sequence you upload on the very first step:



Once uploaded, you can choose the codon table:




  • Invoice and Purchase Order Status Updates: Now access your invoices directly from your account. Dive into real-time data to track orders and invoice status.

  • Twist Bioscience referral program: Refer a friend or colleague to Twist and we’ll send each of you a $75 USD gift card after their first order with us is complete. The referred party must be a member of a different lab and is ineligible if they have previously ordered from Twist Bioscience. Participation in this Referral Program constitutes your acceptance of Twist’s Referral Program Terms & Conditions.
  • Two New Hosts for Codon Optimization: Two new species of Aspergillus have been added to Twist's Codon Optimization tool. This tool saves you hours by optimizing sequences in a matter of seconds.

There's more news on the horizon! Check back for updates. See our previous release notes here.