Optimize sequences in seconds with new Codon Optimization, lower minimum gene fragment order limit, plus two new vectors!

We just introduced our Codon Optimization for synthesis tool! We also have a few other exciting enhancements:

New Codon Optimization Tool and Improved Scoring

codon tool


This tool will save you hours of work and waiting for manual optimization by optimizing sequences in a matter of seconds in a few easy steps:

  1. Define your ORF
  2. Choose your host organism
  3. Define restriction sites to avoid
  4. Define regions to preserve
  5. In seconds, your sequence is ready for synthesis! 

In addition, we also upgraded the accuracy of our Scoring Algorithm which better reflects our synthesis capabilities.

The new Scoring Algorithm will give you more accurate annotations of the problematic areas and allow you to fix your sequences manually, instead of using the automatic Codon Optimization Tool.

New Minimum Order Size for Gene Fragments

We just lowered the minimum number of fragments to 5 per order
(Please note that the minimum number of genes is still 10 per order).

New Capability to Request the Total Amount of DNA

By default, we normalize the amount of DNA shipped out. Now you can control that and request all the DNA that was produced. 


Two New Catalog Vectors Available Today 

pTwist ENTR Kozak enables rapid cloning of genes into virtually any mammalian expression vector utilizing the Gateway™ cloning system.  This vector is specifically designed for high level mammalian expression. The vector supports common N and C terminal fusion tags in the Gateway™ cloning syste

pTwist ENTR enables rapid cloning of one or more genes into virtually any protein expression system utilizing the Gateway™ cloning system.  

You will find the new vectors next to the other catalog vectors when choosing a vector for your genes and on “My vectors” page:

My Vectors


vector menu


Check it out!