Construct viewer, no gene minimums, new vectors, and more!

Look at your order in a new way

Let’s start with an announcement we’re very proud to make—there’s now no minimum for clonal gene orders. Whether you need 1 or 1000 genes, we are here to meet your research needs.

In addition, we’ve made the following updates and improvements:

  • Meet the Interactive Construct Viewer
    See your construct with just the click of your mouse
  • New pET Expression Vectors
    4 new bacterial expressions vectors are now available
  • New host organisms for Codon Optimization
    7 new host organisms added
  • Improved order cancellation process
    Cancel an order before it moves into production


Meet the Interactive Construct Viewer

Now with just the click of your mouse, you’ll be able to see your construct.

To access the Interactive Construct Viewer, enter the gene edit dialog and choose Show Construct:

Choose Construct

Choose between Sequence View and Circular View:

Sequence View

Circular View

And this is just the beginning, more features are on the way!


New pET Expression Vectors

We’ve listened to your requests for a wider vector selection and we’ve partnered with Novagen® for their complete solutions in high level expression, purification, and detection of target proteins.

The Novagen® pET System, used for the cloning and expression of recombinant proteins in E. coli, is driven by the strong bacteriophage T7 promoter and translation signals.

We now offer the following bacterial expression vectors:

  • pET 21
  • pET 24
  • pET 28
  • pET 29


New host organisms for Codon Optimization

We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to announce that we’ve added the following host organisms for Codon Optimization:

  • Xenopus laevis
  • Brassica napus
  • Glycine max
  • Medicago sativa
  • Petunia x hybrida
  • Pisum sativum
  • Solanum tuberosum


Improved order cancellation process

Now you can cancel an order before it moves into production:

Cancel Order

With these updates, we made our already industry-leading ordering process even better for you. Designing and ordering your designs just got easier, more efficient, and more comprehensive.

We welcome your requests and feedback so we can continue making improvements that focus on your needs.

Come check out the Twist ordering system today!


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