Using amino acid composition and conservation for more efficient CRISPR screens

Pooled CRISPR screens are now considered the gold standard approach for systematically elucidating gene function. However, the success of these screens depends on the knockout efficiency achieved by the guides used. 

To ensure the most efficient CRISPR screens, Dr Ulrich Elling and his team at the Institute for Molecular Biotechnology in Vienna have developed a multilayered sgRNA score that markedly outperforms all previous prediction tools.

In this webinar, you will...

  • See that a significant proportion of high efficiency guides exert their effects through in-frame mutations, contrary to early assumptions about sgRNA activity.
  • Learn how amino acid composition and conservation can be used to predict sgRNA efficiency.
  • Learn how these and other protein features have been combined into a ‘Bioscore’ and fused with improved predictors of sgRNA activity and indel-formation to establish a score that captures all relevant steps of CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis.
  • Understand how the flexibility of Twist Oligo Pools bring the development of custom sgRNA libraries of any size within reach of every lab.