Understanding how cancer evolves is critical to anticipating progression and discovering new treatment methods. Tools such as imaging or tumor biopsy testing can provide meaningful insights but are only possible once the disease has progressed significantly. Minimal residual disease (MRD) testing from blood samples opens a new, less invasive, and more sensitive avenue for monitoring cancer recurrence over time. 

LEarn MORe

Save on customization time

With 6 days from design to ship, keep pace with the time window for critical observation

Expanding cancer insights

With up to 500 targets per panel, gain maximum target coverage for enhanced understanding of personalized cancer

Save on sequencing cost

With cost-effective targeted panels, sequencing personalized targets at multiple time points is available for all

Customization Without the Wait

Customization Without the Wait

Accurate assessments of tumor fractions in blood require timely testing. With the Twist MRD Rapid 500 Panel, selected targets of interest can be designed, manufactured, and shipped in as little as six days. Now, fully customized panels are available to all.

Superior Coverage

Superior Coverage Across a Wide Array of Targets

With the Twist MRD Rapid 500 Panel, Twist’s robust hybrid capture system delivers the most even uniform coverage across all targets of interest. This translates into better variant detection, even at low levels.  


Breadth and Depth without Compromise

Twist MRD Rapid 500 Panel targets up to five hundred variants per test and span 12 tests per panel. Combining the power of next generation sequencing with the efficiency of Twist's panel designs, each Rapid 500 Panel test delivers more information, without adding sequencing cost. 

Streamlined Workflows for Any Test

The Twist MRD Rapid 500 Panel leverages Twist’s established library preparation and target enrichment protocols. Whether performing whole exome sequencing to identify personalized targets or running MRD panels for disease monitoring, all samples can be prepared with the same robust workflow.

Affordable NGS Solution for Longitudinal Testing 

Twist MRD Rapid 500 Panel is custom designed to maximize coverage uniformity across all target regions, limiting the need to over-sequence. Enabled by Twist’s highly scaled synthesis platform, Twist MRD Rapid 500 Panels bring affordable personalized sequencing within reach.

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