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Announcing Our Alpha Access Program

Twist Bioscience recently announced an alpha access program for synthetic genes produced using its proprietary silicon-based DNA synthesis platform.

During the alpha access program, Twist will partner with customers to ensure that the first synthetic DNA product offering meets and exceeds expectations

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Limited Openings. Alpha Access
  • Genes up to 1.8 kb (longer soon!)
  • Perfect sequence, 100% NGS verified
  • Linear or cloned (catalog or custom)
  • No flanking sequences, no Type IIs sequence limitations
  • Will attempt all genes, charge only successful ones, feed machine learning
  • 1 to 10,000 sequences per order
  • Typically 20 business days or less (faster soon!)
  • Industry leading pricing

We are now accepting applications for our new Alpha Access Program.

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Our Expertise Is Synthetic DNA


  • Targeted resequencing
  • Virus
  • Pathogens
  • Metagenomics

Functional Genomics

  • Pathogen mode of action
  • Non-coding DNA
  • RNA editing

Genome Engineering

  • Gene synthesis
  • Genome synthesis
  • Biofuel & chemical production
  • Directed evolution

Drugs & Biodefence

  • Antibodies
  • Vaccines
  • shRNA
  • Antibiotics

Data Storage

  • Ultra long-term
  • No power
  • High density
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FASTCOMPANY'S MOST CREATIVE PEOPLE 2015. Emily Leproust, Cofounder, CEO, Twist Bioscience, For synthesizing DNA faster than ever.

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Coal may prove less essential for industrial production if the biotech industry has its way... there may in fact be an alternative, derived from the strategic manipulation of microbial metabolic pathways...

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Several sophisticated companies can synthesize practically any DNA sequence and ship them to customers for all kinds of experiments, but San Francisco startup Twist Bioscience thinks it has broken through the noise.

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Emily Leproust, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

As an early pioneer in long DNA synthesis, Emily is poised to accelerate the biofactory market. She and co-founder Bill Peck share the world record for synthesizing the longest, highest quality oligo library. Emily architected the successful SureSelect product line which lowered the cost of sequencing and elucidated dozens of mendelian diseases, and she developed Agilent’s Oligo Library Synthesis technology. Emily has co-authored over 34 peer-reviewed papers—many on synthetic DNA—and has extensive marketing, management, and business development experience. Prior to Twist Bioscience, Emily was Director of Applications and Chemistry R&D—Genomics at Agilent Technologies.

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Bill Banyai, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Bill is a seasoned entrepreneur and silicon engineering expert. He has been a founder or first employee at four different start-ups and advises early stage startups. As VP of hardware engineering at Complete Genomics, he built their sequencing technology and delivered three generations of human genome chips and sequencers. Bill has twice been awarded multi-million dollar DARPA grants for the development of innovative technologies based on silicon micro machining. Bill’s career spans research, product development, and semiconductor device processing. He holds a PhD in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona, an MS in Electrical Science from University of Michigan, and served as Staff Physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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Bill Peck, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Bill Peck is an expert in managing difficult technology projects and delivering robust scalable biological manufacturing processes. At Complete Genomics he developed sequencer fluidics systems, including silicon nano-array flowcell, and oversaw instrument integration into Human Genome Sequencing Factory. At Agilent, Bill architected two generations of their high density microarray manufacturing platforms. In addition to his experience in chemical process automation and hardware development, Bill’s technical expertise is in nanofluidics with original research in birth evolution and decay of turbulence created by droplets. As a post-doc fellow at Stanford/NASA-Ames, Bill researched computational fluid mechanics and developed a numerical code to model free surface flows.

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Our Investors

ARCH Venture Partners

ARCH Venture Partners, one of the largest early stage technology venture firms in the U.S., invests in the development of seed and early stage advanced technology companies that have the potential to grow rapidly into successful businesses. ARCH enjoys special recognition as a leader in the successful commercialization of technologies developed at academic research institutions, corporate research groups and national laboratories.

ARCH currently manages seven funds totaling nearly $1.5 billion and has invested in the earliest venture capital rounds for more than 150 companies. Our limited partners include major corporations, pension funds, university endowments, financial institutions, and private investors.

Paladin Capital Group

Paladin Capital Group is a leading multi-stage private equity firm that provides funding to growing companies. Across the globe, from Silicon Valley to Brazil, we invest in best-of-breed companies with technologies, products, and services that meet the challenging demands of commercial, federal, and international customers.

Paladin has over $950 million of committed capital invested across multiple funds.

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Want to Help Us Change the World?

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