In vivo antibody discovery in weeks instead of months?

We do that. The Berkeley Lights Beacon-based B cell screening enables high-resolution screening for ideal, rare mAbs in previously impossible timelines.



While antibody affinity remains one of the primary selection criteria in many applications, it is of paramount importance to have an early-on epitopic mapping done on the panel of antibody leads. Lead selection solely based on affinity may result in a selection bias of antibodies that only bind to a small number of epitopes, leading to problems in downstream development if the functional epitopes are not represented by the high-affinity clones selected.

Epitope binning is used to characterize the binding of mAbs to a target antigen. In epitope binning, mAbs specific to the same target protein are analyzed in a pairwise manner against all other mAbs in a set to assess whether they block one another’s binding to a specific epitope. The mAbs that block binding to the same epitope are “binned” together.

mAbs within the same bin often function similarly. In addition, although the antibodies within a bin bind to the same antigen, they may have different mechanisms of action, critical for the treatment of specific cancers and infectious diseases. Therefore, epitope binning is particularly important for early-stage antibody-based drug discovery processes which could generate a large number of leads. Well-informed lead selection based on epitope mapping is critical to efficiently downselect only the best candidates for further investigation. 

Additionally, epitope diversity is also important to broaden intellectual property (IP) protection as the epitope of binding is a crucial part of the IP filings of any therapeutic antibody.

Service Features:

  • Label-free, high throughput, and rapid analysis
  • Crude antibody supernatants compatible
  • Ultra-low sample requirement
  • Multiple assay formats available
  • High-quality data that includes sensorgrams, binning diagram, network plot, and dendrogram
  • Choice of Carterra LSA or Octet BLI, depending on the project requirements
  • Dedicated project managers for responsive communication

Analyses Available:

  • Species Cross-Reactivity Assessments
  • Kinetics, Affinity, KD determination
  • Epitope Binning, Antibody Pairing
  • Ligand Blocking Analyses
  • Rapid Antibody Quantitation  
  • Custom Assays

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