When tasked with difficult therapeutic targets (cell surface, multispanning transmembrane proteins, glycoproteins, etc.) there are a few things that make Abveris uniquely equipped to deliver with the best chance of success. This includes our comprehensive services, immunization expertise, and access to leading discovery platforms.

Work at Abveris is industry-leading as well as milestone and royalty-free!



When working on unique targets, it may be difficult to find reliable reagents, namely proteins and/or cell lines. Our protein and cell line generation capabilities help to ensure that the appropriate amounts of immunization and screening materials are available. Once the project is complete, all remaining material are sent to our partners so that the materials can continue to be used as needed. 


B Cell screening on Beacon and optimized hybridoma development processes enables the discovery of large, diverse sets of mAbs.

Our suite of high throughput screening and characterization platforms allows us to not only identify ideal binders, but also to screen for high-affinity and functionally relevant antibodies early in the discovery process. High throughput flow cytometry allows us to analyze on-cell binding as well as functional activity.


Next-generation sequencing efforts are accompanied by custom data reports that highlight developability concerns and deliver more value. Recombinant antibody production allows our partners the option to produce ample amounts of their favorite antibody in a reliable mammalian cell line. 


Abveris prides itself on its expertise and breadth of immunization capabilities. Immunization methods include:

  • Peptide/protein-based
  • Cell-based 
  • Subtractive cell-based
  • DNA-based
  • VLP-based
  • Tolerance-breaking

The hyperimmune response of the DiversimAb mouse can generate appropriate titers in as little as 3 weeks, enabling rapid antibody discovery. Proprietary adjuvants and proprietary immunization protocols allow our team to exploit the hyperimmune and autoimmune features of our proprietary mouse strain for an even greater chance of cross-reactive and diverse antibodies sets. Through our work with different humanized platforms, we have optimized our immunization methods to apply to the mouse models commonly used for therapeutic discovery campaigns. 


Abveris leverages a number of high throughput platforms for antibody screening and characterization. These platforms include TECAN systems for high throughput ELISA, iQue Flow Cytometry for high throughput on cell screening, Carterra SPR and Octet for antibody kinetics analysis. 


Our Toolbox

  • Antigen and screening materials development
  • Delivery of fully human mAbs using humanized mice from Harbour
  • Proprietary, hyper-immune DiversimAb mice to generate a more diverse mAb response than wild-type mice
  • Multiple immunization techniques including: DNA immunization, cell immunization, rapid protocols, adjuvants to break tolerance and assist in cross-reactivity and more
  • Highly efficient B cell screening (Beacon) and hybridoma approaches
  • High-throughput, industry-leading screening tools to identify ideal mAbs including the iQue flow cytometer along with the Octet and Carterra systems for affinity, activity and epitope binning analysis.
  • In-house sequencing capabilities
  • Scale-up and purification of mAb from hybridoma or recombinantly


At Abveris, we deliver high-quality anti-idiotype antibodies using our DiversimAbTM platform. We apply stringent, high content screening in relevant formats predictive of downstream assay success to identify quality reagents for your specific drug development assays (e.g. PK and ADA).

  • High-speed offerings
  • 94% success-rate delivering on our partner's goals
  • Stringent screening packages
  • Diverse assay candidates delivered

We know these mAbs are critical tools for clinical assay development, and the speed with which we deliver high-quality reagents ultimately impacts patients’ lives. Our team takes pride in the work we perform and prioritizes the delivery of the highest-quality antibodies in industry-leading timelines to support your clinical trials.


Our Secrets to Success


It is often challenging to present cell surface targets with proper conformation and post-translational modifications. Abveris applies innovative cell-based and DNA-based immunization protocols for cell surface immunogens to maintain the integrity of their complex structures. For certain targets and applications, recombinant proteins and peptide strategies may also provide value.


The proprietary Abveris DiversimAb™ mouse provides the best in vivo option for generating monoclonal antibodies against membrane targets. DiversimAb™ technology can be applied to generate diverse panels of antibodies against tough targets, even when there are very few surface epitopes available. Abveris welcomes humanized mouse strains for fully human therapeutic antibody discovery, or knockout strains at the request of our partners.


The critical metric for success in antibody discovery for membrane targets is “on-cell binding,” thus necessitating frequent use of flow cytometry screening. The use of high-throughput flow cytometry technology unlocks the ability to screen massive panels of hybridomas with high resolution in hours instead of days.


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Nature often has the superior power to utilize the diversity of immune repertoire to provide innovative insights into antibody engineering that rational design approaches may easily accomplish.

In conjunction with Abveris' proprietary hyperimmune mouse family (DievrsimAbTM Platform) and advanced screening technologies, the Hit Expansion Workflow offers opportunities to harness the power of natural repertoire diversity to expand the sequence space for rare, functionally-relevant hits, while increasing the success of antibody discovery against challenging therapeutic targets.


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