DNA Data Storage

DNA Data Storage

DNA, the newest information technology, is also the world's oldest. DNA data storage is filling the gap between archival technologies currently in use and enduring digital repositories of the future.

How DNA data storage works

1. Encoding

2. Synthesis

3. Storage

4. Retrieval

5. Sequencing

6. Decoding

The quantity of digital data is doubling approximately every two years

The ability to store this data is not keeping pace with its growth. There is a drastic need for a new storage medium that efficiently and accurately stores data.


We are helping customers like Microsoft and University of Washington with their data storage research

Could DNA Supercharge the Digital Revolution?
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Learn how DNA is used to store digital data

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  • DNA is nature's permanent data storage
  • Dense and compact enough to fit the entire internet in a shoebox
  • Extreme low energy storage that uses less than a light bulb's worth of power per year
  • Universal read technology that will last hundreds of years
  • Simple to make redundant storage
  • Encrypt and conceal important data