Achieve Exquisite Sequence Diversity with DiversimAb

Learn how we use our proprietary hyperimmune mouse strains to maximize antibody diversity.

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As a premium CRO and trusted partner, we strive to supplement your workflow. We support many research teams with a variety of internal capabilities, so we offer diverse deliverables to suit your needs.

We supplement some groups that have internal hybridoma capabilities, robust recombinant expression platforms, and high-throughput antibody sequencing cores. Some of our partners are 100% virtual companies that have no labs at all, and we support their entire workflow.

We consult with your team to make sure we select appropriate services for your project, enabling the rapid advancement of science.


Abveris offers a high-throughput, reliable hybridoma sequencing service enabled by next-generation sequencing (NGS) or Sanger method to consistently deliver VH and VL sequencing data for your clones of interest.

Reliable antibody sequencing is critical to lead discovery and the development of therapeutic antibodies. Our services are designed to prevent amplification of aberrant light chains and other undesirable contaminating products while generating a comprehensive report of all productive heavy chain and light chain sequences present in a sample.

The Abveris Advantage

With Abveris antibody sequencing, you get:

  • Protect against loss of your antibody IP
  • Patent your antibody sequence
  • Humanize your antibody sequence
  • Recombinantly express your antibody in diverse formats

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Starting with hybridoma cell lines or antibody sequences, Abveris performs antibody production and purification services at scales that make sense for research scientists. Hybridoma scale-up and recombinant antibody production services are supported by internal platforms designed for speedy, efficient production.

Abveris has deep experience producing monoclonal antibodies from a variety of hybridoma cell lines. We deliver microgram to milligram to gram quantities of low-endotoxin and purified antibody to customer specifications, supported by quality documentation (including a Certificate of Analysis).


The Abveris Advantage

With Abveris hybridoma-based antibody production services, you get:

  • Express 100s of antibodies at microgram scale, or 10s of antibodies at milligram scale.
  • Expression-optimized process
  • USA-based production

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Abveris offers custom conversion services for partners that desire to convert their hybridoma clones to recombinant antibodies.

We offer a complete line of hybridoma-to-recombinant conversion services, including sequencing, cloning, verification, expression, purification, and production.

The Abveris Advantage

With hybridoma-to-recombinant mAb conversion services from Abveris, you get:

  •  Immortalize your antibody and guarantee a stable supply
  •  Overcome poorly productive hybridomas
  • Engineer your recombinant antibody (i.e. class or species switch)

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Abveris' recombinant antibody production service was launched to meet the growing demands for recombinant antibodies across research and diagnostics.  Our serum-free HEK293-based transient expression system allows us to rapidly manufacture up to 100 milligram quantities of recombinant proteins or antibodies.


Starting from a gene sequence or a hybridoma cell line, we can customize a production process to meet your yield and quality requirements.


The Abveris Advantage:

With recombinant antibody production services, you get:

  • Fast & economical mammalian production
  • Proper post-translational modifications
  • Engineering options available
  • High-throughput services available for small-scale antibody expression

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