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What is NGS ProLab

Each NGS ProLab is trained and certified to deliver experimental results you can depend on and trust. Providing you with the confidence needed to focus on the important questions of your research

Benefits of NGS ProLab

Save Bench Time
Save valuable bench time by outsourcing critical NGS experiments to a trusted service provider trained for performing a Twist NGS workflow

Easily Scale Experiments
Seamlessly scale and schedule your NGS experiments around your research timeline and free up valuable time for other critical tasks

Reduce Trial Burden
Reduce the burden needed to trial and incorporate a new Twist NGS solution into your workflow

ngs pro lab

Partner with a Twist NGS ProLab

Get started today and find and partner with a certified NGS ProLab and move your NGS experiments to another level

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ngs pro lab

Becoming an NGS ProLab

Learn more about the benefits of becoming an NGS ProLab and enrollment in the certification program.

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