Accelerate Discovery with Best-in-Class Synthetic Platforms

Our DNA writing capabilities and seasoned bioinformatics expertise enable us to deliver de-risked, high-quality custom or off-the-shelf antibody libraries with game-changing throughput and precision right at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for off-the-shelf solutions from Twist's "library of libraries" or bespoke, custom immune libraries, our drug discovery experts will guide you toward the best solutions to deliver functional antibodies with the highest therapeutic potential. Twist’s discovery platform – the “Library of Libraries” and any bespoke libraries we build – are designed rationally, focused on interrogating only the desired sequence space with the highest therapeutic potential. We can remove frame shifts, stop codons, and potential downstream manufacturing liabilities, such as isomerization, cleavage, deamidation, glycosylation, or problematic dipeptide motifs from sequence space, driving faster discovery and greater possibilities for long-term success.


Diversify Your Discovery Opportunities

Twist Biopharma Solutions has designed 20+ libraries containing naïve human diversity, rationally designed sequences that account for antibody structural constraints, or with diversity computationally tailored to high-potential targets, including carbohydrates, hyperimmune, and structural motifs. This gives you a multifaceted approach to your next discovery project. 

For each custom or pre-constructed library, diversities are approximately 1010 and available in various VHH, Fab, and scFv frameworks. Our in vitro discovery platform can be leveraged to develop mAbs, multi-specifics, chimeric antigen receptors (CARs), and therapeutic T-cell receptors (TCRs).


Confidently Progress From Hit To Lead in Just a Few Months

Regardless of whether you are investigating a tough target or looking to exploit Twist libraries to evaluate the quality of your leads, our scientific experts can deliver solutions in as little as a few months. Custom library design, development and screening are completed in 1-3 months, accelerating your journey to clinic. Our collection of off-the-shelf libraries enables you to quickly identify high-quality leads against your target of interest using multiple strategies in only a few months. Custom discovery libraries are constructed in 1–3 months and are delivered for in-house screening against your target of choice.

Expertise Across the Entire Drug Discovery Continuum

Complement your in vitro discovery campaign with Twist's comprehensive capabilities for in vivo, in silico, and downstream optimization development services. Never miss a potential hit with the depth and breadth of Twist Biopharma Solutions. 

What Scientists Have to Say

Twist is the only synthetic DNA provider who can deliver the quantity and quality of DNA we need for our projects rapidly. We are working with them not only as a vendor for synthetic genes and antibodies, but have expanded our relationship to leverage the Twist Biopharma capabilities, which we believe complement our antibody discovery efforts.”




Associate Director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center

Our platform rapidly generates and validates new targets for treating challenging cancers. Working with Abveris will enable us to quickly identify and select highly specific antibodies for those targets, so that we can take the best antibody forward to address the needs of particular patient populations.”





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