Everything you need
to order DNA in your software

Our rich API lets you do anything possible on our eCommerce platform including:
And Much More...

Seamless Integration into your LIMS

  • No room for copy-paste mistakes
  • Connect directly to your business systems
  • Enable new workflows for your users

Accelerate your design process

  • Our scoring algorithm gives you detailed information about our feasibility to manufacture your sequences
  • Let your algorithms do the heavy lifting with direct feedback from the API
  • Your team will benefit from a high success rate and less frustration
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Codon Optimize

Safeguard your Intellectual Property

  • Your IP is our top priority - you can rest assured that your data is safe with us
  • Transfer the data securely from your system to ours
  • Don't export or copy-paste sensitive data and make mistakes
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Without the API

With the API

Design and build, all in one

  • Add the build phase into the design phase with your CAD DNA software
  • Give your team a never-before-seen user experience by incorporating our feedback into your design sofware