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Reducing Reagent Use and Waste by 99.8%

By taking a technology approach to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of DNA synthesis we enable our customers a more sustainable way to design, build, test, and commercialize future therapeutics,
diagnostic tests, agricultural products, materials, biobased chemicals, and data storage solutions.

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Recycling Programs at Twist

Twist Bioscience has been recycling nitrile gloves in partnership with The RightCycle™ Program from Kimberly-Clark Professional since 2019.
 What initially started as a pilot program with Twist’s Research and Development team quickly expanded to a company-wide process as it proved to be both effective and simple to implement.


Reducing our Physical Footprint

The miniaturization of the DNA synthesis process allows us to reduce our physical manufacturing footprint, operating in a smaller facility. 

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We are committed to Writing the Future through synthetic DNA - find out how.


ESG Report (PDF)

Environmental Progress to Date at Twist Bioscience

Waste Miniaturization

By miniaturizing DNA synthesis, chemical waste is significantly reduced. Per run we synthesize 10,000x more oligos and produce 1000x less chemical waste per oligo.

Lab Recycling

Since the end of 2018, Twist has recycled  almost 12,000 lbs of lab gloves. Our sustainability partner turns them into outdoor planters and lawn furniture.

Eco Packaging

We adopted our own shipping packaging made from 37% recycled material, designed specifically to minimize wasted space in every parcel. Where possible we have replaced plastic for cardboard.

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Twist Bioscience is Committed to Writing the Future Sustainably.

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How our Work Impacts the World

We work in service of customers who are changing the world for the better. In fields such as health care, food/agriculture, industrial chemicals, academic research and data storage, by using our synthetic DNA tools, our customers are developing ways to better lives and improve the sustainability of the planet. We believe that the faster our customers succeed, the better for all of us, and we believe Twist Bioscience is uniquely positioned to help accelerate their efforts.

Our ESG Program

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