twist silicon platform

Reducing Reagent Use and Waste by 99.8%

By taking a technology approach to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of DNA synthesis we enable our customers a more sustainable way to design, build, test, and commercialize future therapeutics,
diagnostic tests, agricultural products, materials, biobased chemicals, and data storage solutions.

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Twist reduces carbon footprint compared to
96-well plate approach



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We are committed to Writing the Future through synthetic DNA - find out how.


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Environmental Progress to Date at Twist Bioscience

Waste Miniaturization

By miniaturizing DNA synthesis,
chemical waste is significantly reduced.
Per run we synthesize 10,000x more
oligos and produce 1000x less chemical
waste per oligo.

Eco Packaging

We adopted our own shipping packaging
made from 50% recycled material,
designed specifically to minimize wasted
space in every parcel. Where possible
we have replaced plastic for cardboard.

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Twist Bioscience is Committed to Writing the Future Sustainably.

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