Easy Credit Card Payments, Genes Format Update and More

1. Online Credit Card Payments

No more faxes or forms. We have upgraded our software so you can pay by credit card directly in our online shop.  Not only will this add an additional level of security, but it also makes your ordering experience even simpler. Unfortunately, we’re not able to load in any previously used credit card details, however, we have waived the 3% payment fee.

During checkout, just add your credit card details and it will be saved securely in our system. The card will now appear in your account for all future orders.

Add Credit Card Add CCFinal CC

2. Changes to Default Packaging

We’ve updated the default packaging for gene fragments and clonal genes orders.  If your order is for 10 or less, the default packaging will now be tubes and be cost free.  You can still change this in your order though if your workflow requires plates. If your order is for more than 10 genes or fragments, the default packaging will remain as plates.  If you would like these larger orders to be delivered in tubes, a $50 fee remains in place.

3. Protocols & Plate Maps in Delivery Emails

We have listened to your feedback and are pleased to announce that we will now attach the Genes Resuspension Protocol .pdf to our gene shipment confirmation emails.  In addition, you will also find a link to download plate maps for your shipment, making it much easier for you to get started.