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NGS Target Enrichment of Viral Pathogens using Twist Respiratory Virus Research Panel

Accurately detecting and identifying viral pathogens is a critical global health concern exacerbated by the 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic. A wide range of viral pathogens cause similar patient symptoms, making it difficult to identify the underlying infectious agent. Currently, RT-PCR assays are routinely used to detect viral pathogens. These common assays are rapid, but are often used to test for just one pathogen at a time. Multiplexed RT-PCR saves time, allowing for the simultaneous detection and identification of multiple viruses, but it suffers from other shortcomings, including lack of viral sequence information. Next generation sequencing (NGS) hybrid capture combines high-throughput capabilities with high sensitivity, making it possible to quickly identify specific, whole viral genomes from complex samples.