What if I have multiple cloning strategies for the same vector?

After designing your insertion site on the app, click on the “Preview and Add” link next to the number box, to review the insertion site, either in map form or sequence form. Once you've reviewed the insertion site and determined that the insertion site is configured correctly, select “Approve insertion point”. The insertion site details will appear as a row under the “INSERTION SITES” on the left-side of the panel, and you can continue editing your draft with new insertion sites. However, please note that while multiple insertion sites can be added to each Custom Vector. Only one insert can be cloned into a vector at a time.

Note: If you wish to add an insertion site to a vector that has already been onboarded with us, you do not need to ship us a new aliquot of vector material, but you will need to contact customer support at [email protected], as it will require onboarding through an alternate submission form. 

One vector with one insertion site is considered one on-boarding event. Multiple insertion sites will result in multiple on-boarding events.

There is a one-time onboarding fee of $500 for the first insertion site and $250 for each additional insertion site within in the same custom vector

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