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June 18, 2019
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Diversity is in our DNA

Twist celebrates its diversity: race, geography, gender identification, and sexual orientation.
Diversity is in our DNA

At Twist, we often say that Diversity is in our DNA - a play on words, of course, as we sell a variety of products that stem from our proprietary silicon-based synthetic DNA platform. But we also mean that we value diversity of all kinds - race, geography, gender identification, sexual orientation, and so much more. We believe it takes many diverse minds to get to the best outcome. It may not always be easy, but creating a diverse workplace is invaluable--and it leads to diverse thoughts, experiences, and creative problem-solving

Aligned toward a common vision to produce synthetic DNA to improve health and sustainability, we bring diversity from many aspects that benefit the greater good. 

People don’t always like to be interviewed. Some may be private and don’t want to share their thoughts. Others are reluctant to discuss potentially sensitive topics. When we approached several members of Twist’s LGBTQ community to talk about their experiences for a series of blog posts, they answered with a resounding yes.

And as we talked to each person, it became apparent why they agreed so readily: at Twist, they felt free to be who they are. This is no small thing. There are a lot of workplaces, and just places, where people don’t feel safe to be their authentic selves. We share, with Pride, seven employees who bring diversity to Twist’s DNA.









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