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Our team has decades of experience discovering, optimizing, and developing antibodies against complex and challenging targets.

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Twist Biopharma is committed to helping you realize the potential of your biggest biologic development programs. Wherever you are in the development pipeline, we have a solution that will elevate you to the next level of discovery

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Leveraging AI in Drug Discovery

AI and machine learning algorithms are providing more accurate in silico models of the complexities of antibody-antigen interactions. When paired with Twist’s DNA synthesis, antibody expression, and functional characterization capabilities, the chances of discovering a potent and selective antibody are greatly increased.


See how our partnerships with EVQLV and Schrӧdinger are refining antibody drug discovery.

Confident Leaders in Biopharma

Confident Leaders in Biopharma

Our experienced scientific team is led by CSO, Dr. Aaron Sato, Ph.D., a proven leader in the antibody therapeutics space. Over the multiple decades he’s spent in the biologics industry, he’s guided the discovery and development of first-in-class biologics, through IND filing.

Tackling Untapped Drug Targets

Many drug targets, such as GPCRs, have been labeled as undruggable. Our best-in-class discovery platform, optimization capabilities, and high-throughput developability workflow was designed to uncover lead antibodies against several hard-to-drug targets, including GLP-1R, ADORA2A, and more.

Tackling Untapped Drug Targets

Our Partners and Collaborators

Our team has decades of experience discovering, optimizing, and developing antibodies against complex and challenging targets.

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Twist is the only synthetic DNA provider who can deliver the quantity and quality of DNA we need for our projects rapidly. We are working with them not only as a vendor for synthetic genes and antibodies, but have expanded our relationship to leverage the Twist Biopharma capabilities, which we believe complement our antibody discovery efforts.
Robert Carnahan, PhD
Associate Director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center

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