Antibody Licensing Opportunities From a One-of-a-Kind Discovery Engine

Antibodies continue to expand the boundaries of druggable targets and treatable diseases. Yet bringing a biologic to market, even one that promises to be first- or best-in-class, is filled with pre-clinical and clinical obstacles that can’t be overcome alone.

At Twist Bioscience, we're seeking partnerships with academic, biotech, and biopharma teams
to help us translate lead assets from our unique discovery and optimization platform into clinical successes. Through close collaboration, we can break the shackles off of hard-to-drug targets in strategic therapeutic areas, ensuring that no disease is labeled “untreatable” and no patient is left behind.

Our Therapeutic Focus


Metabolic Disease

Rare Disease



Cardiovascular Disease



Why partner with Twist?


Robust pre-clinical data packages

We’ve generated favorable binding, functional, and in vivo data for many of our lead antibody agonists, antagonists, and binders, giving you a head start on pre-clinical development and validation.


Derisked and vetted by our experts

Our high-throughput developability workflow and comprehensive screening by our internal team of antibody experts ensures that we’ve mitigated developability risks as much as possible.


Best-in-class discovery and optimization

Our lead assets were discovered and optimized using our unique, high-diversity phage display libraries and mouse-based platforms that explore only the most promising, relevant sequence space.


Flexible design and collaboration

Many of our leads are fully-humanized IgG antibodies or VHH nanobodies. Our antibody expertise, base-by-base DNA writing capabilities, and flexible partnership accelerate the development of bispecific antibodies or other therapeutic classes.

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Astellas and Twist’s Partnership Success

Our collaboration with Astellas helps bring our next-generation checkpoint inhibitor—designed against a historically challenging target—one step closer to the clinic.





What Our Partners Are Saying

  • Boehringer Ingelheim believes Twist’s ability to generate potent, diverse therapeutic antibodies by mining its comprehensive libraries, combined with our extensive capabilities and experience in drug discovery and development, will enable us to deliver breakthrough opportunities to patients.

    CLIVE R. WOOD, PH.D Senior Corporate Vice President and Global Head of Discovery Research Boehringer Ingelheim