What is the Twist NGS ProLab Certification Program?

The NGS ProLab certification program provides recognition for proficiency in running Twist NGS Target Enrichment (TE) and library preparation solutions. Each NGS ProLab is trained and certified to deliver experimental results with Twist NGS workflows researchers can depend on and trust.


Who Is Eligible?

Twist sales and support teams will work closely with you to ensure that your lab can confidently run, offer, and scale the latest Twist NGS TE and library prep workflows to help support your research community. Our Field Applications Specialist (FAS) teams will provide proactive referrals and technical support to facilitate trial and scale up of experiments being run by existing or new Twist NGS TE and library prep customers. Our team is ready to support you.

As an NGS ProLab you will also be listed on the Twist Bioscience website and as part of the certification package we offer co-marketing assistance to help you get the word out on your complete service offering.


Key Benefits for Being Certified:
  • Optimize operational efficiency - with improved instrument and tech utilization
  • Improve services offering awareness - with active referral and co-marketing
  • Stay current on Twist NGS workflows and updates - with proactive FAS support


How to Enroll?

Any Reference or Core Laboratory currently or wishing to include Twist NGS Target Enrichment services to their portfolio is eligible to enroll in the program. Just go to https://www.twistbioscience.com/ngs-prolab/enroll or contact your local Twist Account Representative or Field FAS to request enrollment.

After enrollment, a Twist FAS will contact you to discuss further details of the program and arrange for training, proficiency testing and certification.


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Twist products are subject to certain use restrictions as set forth in Twist’s Supply Terms and Conditions
Twist products are For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.
Twist Bioscience’s quality management system governing the design and manufacture of NGS Target Enrichment Panels is ISO 13485:2016 certified (San Francisco, CA)