Next-Generation Sequencing

Achieve superior enrichment efficiency with Twist Bioscience NGS Target Enrichment Solutions. Targeted sequencing takes a step forward with an optimized enrichment workflow and easy customization of panel content

Sample to sequencer in a single day

High fidelity dsDNA probes verified by NGS QC

Rapid Customization

From small panels to >1 million probes per pool

Maximized Sequencing Efficiency & Exceptional Coverage Uniformity

Increase coverage depth or run more samples on the same budget.

Raise Confidence in Variant Detection

Leave no molecule behind, capture every molecule.

NGS Cumulative Coverage
Increasing depth while reducing overall sequencing

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Having flexible and cost-effective panels has allowed us to do more samples and go deeper and deeper” to detect those low, low fraction variants
Brendan Blumenstiel
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
I heard a rumour of “incredible uniformity” regarding Twist's Target Enrichment tools. We decided to try the Twist Exome to form our own opinions. The rumor was true! Not only was uniformity incredible, but coverage was, as well. Now we use a Twist Custom Panel tailored to the specific requirements of our patients.
Simon von Ameln, PhD
ÜBAG Dres. Habets / Keller / Groschek / Danaei – Aachen, Germany
Twist Custom Panels allowed us to focus on important, medically relevant genes instead of the whole genome. The panel was concise, with a simple protocol, and the cost reasonable with very good candidate variants already curated by the literature.
Renata Pelligrino, PhD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia