Writing the Future of Antibody Discovery Services with
In Vivo and In Vitro Solutions

Twist delivers expertise in antibody discovery with phage display using synthetic libraries, in vivo discovery through immunized animals, and AI-aided antibody engineering all from a single provider.

In Vivo

In Vivo Immunization

Expanded epitopic coverage and diversity via proprietary hyperimmune mice, the DiversimaAb family.

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Synthetic Libraries

Rapid phage display workflow using industry-leading off-the-shelf synthetic libraries with superior quality and develop-ability.

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end-to-end antibody discovery solution that leverages comprehensive in vivo,
in vitro and in silico antibody discovery and engineering services.

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Check out the types of projects we currently have going on and let us know how we can support your antibody discovery projects at any step of the way.



A Proven Team & Track Record of Success

You can feel confident about partnering up with Twist and Abveris for your antibody discovery needs. Twist has 278 partners on over 110 active programs, while Abveris boasts 100+ successful discovery campaigns, over 7 partner programs in clinical trials, and 80%+ partners returning for additional projects.


Out-licensing Pipeline of fully Validated and Functional Targets

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Reviews From Customers

Check out the types of projects we currently have going on and let us know how we can support your antibody discovery projects at any step of the way.

At Promega, we struggled to acquire a high-affinity, high-specificity antibody against one target of interest. After failing with two previous vendors, we enlisted the help of Abveris and their DiversimAb approach, and we soon had a multitude of high-quality clones to choose from. We eventually chose a clone that far exceeded our expectations for performance. We were continually impressed by their high-quality analytical data, excellent communication, and overall collaborative spirit.
Twist is the only synthetic DNA provider who can deliver the quantity and quality of DNA we need for our projects rapidly. We are working with them not only as a vendor for synthetic genes and antibodies, but have expanded our relationship to leverage the Twist Biopharma capabilities, which we believe complement our antibody discovery efforts.
Associate Director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center
Boehringer Ingelheim believes Twist’s ability to generate potent, diverse therapeutic antibodies by mining its comprehensive libraries, combined with our extensive capabilities and experience in drug discovery and development, will enable us to deliver breakthrough opportunities to patients.
Senior Corporate Vice President and Global Head of Discovery Research Boehringer Ingelheim

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About Twist Biopharma (The Biologics Discovery and Optimization Division of
Twist Bioscience)

Twist Biopharma combines high-throughput DNA synthesis technology, deep expertise in antibody engineering and in vivo, in vitro and in silico discovery methods to provide end-to-end antibody discovery solutions across the preclinical continuum and tailored to our partner’s specific needs. By leveraging our unique ability to manufacture DNA at scale, we can construct proprietary antibody libraries with discovery beginning with either in vivo or in vitro diversity. Our Library of Libraries gives our partners an integral and unbiased resource for antibody therapeutic discovery and optimization. This precise and rational approach to library fabrication combined with sophisticated bioinformatics and software expertise expedites antibody discovery by decreasing risk, increasing speed, and lowering the failure rate for antibody therapeutic development. Additionally, in vivo discovery approaches including single B cell screening and hybridoma discovery enable parallel paths where multiple technology methods can be leveraged to create a panel of highly diverse antibody leads. Our automated screening and panning processes enable us to identify high affinity leads that our partners can move forward into the clinic. We also offer supporting development capabilities, including IgG conversion, expression, purification, biophysical characterization, and functional characterization.