How do I convert my Amino Acid sequence to a nucleic acid sequence?

Our website will accept amino acid sequences and convert them to a DNA sequence for synthesis.  At the upload sequences page, select the Amino Acid Sequence option.


Make sure your input only contains Amino Acid one-letter characters.  We support only the standard 20 one-letter code characters.

A "*" at the end of your amino acid sequences marks a stop codon (we do not add stop codons automatically).

Based on the Codon Usage Table you choose, the most frequently used codons will be selected.            

If you do not see your specific organism, contact [email protected] for help.

Note for Clonal Genes: Not all Twist expression vectors contain standard expression machinery upstream of the insertion point. We recommend double-checking the sequence of your final plasmid construct by clicking "Download Sequences" after selecting your desired vector.


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