Do I need to include restriction sites or overhangs on my sequences?

For Gene Fragments (either with or without adapters), you may wish to add your own restriction sites onto the ends of each fragment in order to easily clone the fragment into your vector of choice.

For Clonal Genes, simply submit the unique insert sequences that you would like us to clone into the vector backbone. We use a proprietary homology-based cloning method to assemble our clonal genes and we design and add the homologous overhang sequences for you - you do not need to consider our cloning strategy when designing your insert. 

Please note that our Cloning vectors do not have restriction sites directly flanking the insert. This allows for complete flexibility of design so that you can append the desired restriction sites onto the flanks of your insert for use in your downstream workflow.

Our Expression vector insertion points are denoted by two restriction sites - these will be fully preserved directly flanking your insert in the final construct.  We recommend that customers check the final construct sequences by clicking on the "Download sequences" button in the designer.  Once an order has been submitted for manufacturing, it cannot be altered in any way.


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